Simon, how do you feel about performing at weddings? ;D

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over 4 years

my fiance and I have fallen in love with each other over and over again at many of your shows. we both love your music and have for a very long time (so do our friends and family). I know it's a long shot but a future shpongle wedding would make my life complete ;P

Simon Posford
over 4 years

I played at a wedding in India once... One of my favourite gigs. I fell in love with the bride & groom, and we had a big teary-eyed hug on the dance floor.
The only negative was a guest approaching me and asking "Do you have any Coldplay?"
We had just finished writing Vaccine, Younger Brother, so i replied "Why yes, i do!" And put on one of the new tracks 😜

over 4 years

We spent a chunk of our honeymoon at shows & with Si - it was an unbelievable, once in a lifetime experience!!! Shpongle is all about the love!!! :)

David Bridges
over 4 years

i know i going to be planning my honeymoon based on next years dates and locations