So A couple of questions here, was talking to some sts9 fans and was wondering if there's any covers of collabs with them and simon, or even SCI, but couldn't find any so I figured you guys might know?
Also was talking to some fellow shponglers and was wondering if anyone knows where I can find Simons set for Bicycle Day on 4-19-2013. Reason being he said he's seen him 23 times and this particular set he mentioned it was like "thievery corporation on steroids" so I was just wondering if anyone had any idea on how I can find or even just listen to that set. Thanks everyone, shpongle on

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Jesennia King
almost 5 years

Hmm only thing I'm aware of is Si being part of the orchestra with members of SCI at sonic bloom

Corderosa Amada
almost 5 years

I was there for the Bicycle Day was just like your friend describes it. I felt like Simon was pulling me into ShpongleLand by my brain cells.