Hey Si, would you wish my girlfriend a happy birthday on Facebook on Saturday (Aug 15)? Ever since I brought her out to Red Rocks from Cincinnati to see you, she's been completely obsessed (she hoops on the porch daily to Shpongle, confusing most neighbors). Not that she wasn't obsessed before that night, but I think everyone that was there knows it was a transcendent evening. We ended up being locked out of the house we were staying at in Denver so we tried (unsuccessfully) to sleep on the porch in 40 degree rainy weather, banging on the door for hours until someone finally woke up and let us in...at 10am the next morning. Even that memory will never diminish the importance of the night before. Anyway, if you would wish her a happy birthday on Saturday, it would most definitely make her day very happy. Her name is Celia Michelle Dischar. Thanks Si! Much love!

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