Stream was a real treat and so were all the good folks in chat. This is gonna be a good place with good people. Thanks pSi, for supplying such an amazing canvas not only for your art, but for the community you have amassed here.

Shpongloidz Uniting for real lol

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about 5 years

It was such a treat to nerd out with everyone else! I agree, Simon, definitely reminded me of the old chat room days of the internet. a/s/l? :::D

about 5 years

I don't Facebook at all. This is satisfying my Social Media tooth, but the whole team has been pre vetted to be cats of my wavelength. Truly Awesome. What an experience!

Simon Posford
about 5 years

I love the Shpongle community- I looked through some of the comments after the stream, and was delighted to see new friendships forged, and intelligent people meeting each other. Reminded me of the early days of the Internet.