Simon! Question for you. A couple of Shpongletron tours ago, you played a remix of a particular song. I later asked you about it, and you said you didn't like it and didn't plan on releasing it, but that I could hit you up about it. I never ended up hitting you up for it.. was wondering if you had any intentions on releasing it here?! That'd be pretty sweet! (The track.. God particle remix!) Been craving it.. figured I'd ask. :)

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about 5 years

What list? I love The God Particle remix. Also please please release that Ineffable Mysteries 'mix', I think its mixed with another track. But the second half is completely different and bonkers. Ive been waiting for that one.

about 5 years

Someone posted it was on 'the list' of tracks to be added. But that was many moons ago.

Raoul Duke
about 5 years

Odd ;;;)

about 5 years

I'd love to experience track as well (::: Thanks Giggly!