I was at this really interesting photoshoot last weekend when all the bodypainters and MUAs were discussing the models.

It gets to me and they say "Oh her?!?! She's always so easy to work with, all you need is Philz, bodypaint and Shpongle." Sure enough at that moment I walk in with a cup of Philz and a huge smile because someone just said Shpongle. That whole conversation quickly changed from what they were supposed to be doing to how epic Shpongle is.

Turns out Rachel from Skin Wars is a Shpongle fan also. I love it when creative people vibe over Shpongle.

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Staler Verweij
almost 5 years

I'm really glad that with the app I finally have a chance to get to know fellow Shpongleloids and I love you all, some amazing bunch of people :::)

Corderosa Amada
almost 5 years

We are a very interesting (and talented bunch).

Jim Morrison
almost 5 years

It's common knowledge that ALL Shpongle fans are cool. 😎😎😎