Ello it's me James mason yaaas ! What's going on in shpongle land ? It's been a week since camp bisco. Tron was a success. We are working on a live stream and hope to have it working for our next set. How is everyone ?

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almost 5 years

Happy you made it back from Bisco! 😃

almost 5 years

hey Sean, hey CaNNaBIZ & Staler! Loved the videos from Bisco Sean, Tron looked awesome! Can't wait to see the whole thing on action!

Staler Verweij
almost 5 years

Hey buddy good to see you here again been a long time. Glad the tron was a success and you had a great time at bisco

almost 5 years

Hey Sean (::: Good to hear from ya buddy! Glad the Tron was a success !! What did you think of Camp this year?