All this talk of songs possibly sounding like another got me reminiscing of my early days with Shpongle. For the first few weeks I couldn't shake the feeling I had heard stamen of the shaman in some other form. It was incredibly familiar even though I had not been exposed to Shpongle at any previous point. Anyone else have the same or similar experience with any other tracks. I gave up trying to place it years ago and now it is definitely only recognizable as Shpongle. But it was strange at the time.

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about 5 years

"Kugla" always makes me feel like I'm watching Conan the Barbarian and Tron simultaneously. Quite amazing really. I ought to actually try the two movies at the same time, see if it actually compares to how great the track is!

about 5 years

Yeah man.. Many tracks have had residues of familiarity, but like others, Kugla was completely KNOWN to me. pSi has some otherworldly shit goin on!

Ruben Rodriguez
about 5 years

I had the same exact experience with stamen of the shaman! So weird, sounded so familiar the first time yet never listened to shpongle or psytrance. It was similar to the first time I ever did a psychedelic, where the feeling felt so familiar although it was my first time

about 5 years

I def felt a familiarity

Corderosa Amada
about 5 years

"Nothing is Something Worth Doing."The first time I heard if, it gave me this gut reaction of déjà vu.

Oddly enough "The Epiphany of Mrs. Kugla" always felt like the answer to a question started by "NISWD,"like if someone did nothing long enough to clear their mind and then was conscious of their first thought after that.

Jesennia King
about 5 years

Mmmm yes kind of like bits and pieces of a dream :::) I get that with Kugla and Jellyfish