Morning Simon,

Do you still have news for us today?

I suspect it will be the RR DVD crowd funding campaign...

If so, will there be funding thresholds and rewards? ie above X receives an autographed copy, above Y receives a personally licked copy, above Y receives an old sock, etc.

Can't wait!

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Flora Cardamine
about 5 years

Hahaha yeah that's another way to get rid of the infamous white tour bus socks.....muahahaha

Shawn Ortez
about 5 years


Staler Verweij
about 5 years

Hope the stream is not in the next hour lol

about 5 years

Holding out for that deluxe personally licked and autographed sock box edition... lol

Mushy Mushy
about 5 years

Oh yeah I'm ridiculously excited about the book although I suspect that's a few months off.

I'm guessing the RR funding is for mastering, artwork, print and press. This therefore should be closer to release than the book.

Don't leave us hanging Si :)

Although maybe it's Hallucinogen 3 LOL

about 5 years

Hi Mushy, I am also thinking along those lines... a bit of anticipation at the moment! Also pretty excited about the book...