Jambase has been bringing good news almost daily about late summer and fall shows being announced. Can't help but hold my breath that one of these is gonna be Shpongle. Wishful thinking. But we can dream right? Ott has two shows in Colorado. Zebbler Encanti is only a month away! Beats antique just popped up today. Anyone else hitting any of these? I'd love to meet any of you guys.

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Christopher Marrocco
almost 5 years

Going to the Grand Rapids Beats show for sure!
I wish I was able to catch a Phish show, but I don't have time this tour!

almost 5 years

just saw zee on a boat last Saturday haha, they were great. not sure if beats antique is playing near me, I'll have to see. probably gonna have to catch phish since trey will probably be on fire this tour.

Ian Highley
almost 5 years

I'll also be at the Saturday string cheese red rocks show, and all three nights of phish for those of you who get along with the jam bands.