hey shpongled friends! Its been awhile and I've been missing my group! what's everyone been up to? seen any good shows? had any epic life changing experiences? please share! <3

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Staler Verweij
about 5 years

hi Katie, enjoying the sun here and try to survive the heat haha, great picture btw !

about 5 years

Good to see you Katie (:::

about 5 years

Hey Katie! We just finished our 70 day road trip! It's been fun, but haven't seen any shows as of late. Now we have to become employed 'normies' again :'( Hope you're well! :::)

Christopher Marrocco
about 5 years

Been at Electric Forest, Simon blew my mind on the Main Stage the first night!!
The fest was great, but nothing compared to Simons Set!

Jim Morrison
about 5 years

Eye really like your profile pick!

Katie Mongan
about 5 years

thank you! :) enjoy bisco! only local shows for me this year. gotta save $

Sean Wilson
about 5 years

Hey good afternoon Katie. You are beautiful by the way. Anyways I've just been working on the tron getting it ready for bisco