Hey guys I think we should all chip in and get this for Si . Call it purple om my god . I get shotgun !

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Jesennia King
about 5 years

That eagle is hawt ! I need a second job !

about 5 years

Even sexier with Si in driver seat <3

about 5 years

Oooh!! The low drag is gorgeous, I like the hard top! You mentioned the car in a live stream & since I've seen just about every episode of Top Gear, I knew exactly the one - it would fit you SO well ;)

Simon Posford
about 5 years

Wow that's super cool!
Rachel, how'd you know I love those Eagle E-type remakes? Although they have an even cooler one now: the Eagle Low Drag GT... Check it out!

about 5 years

^^ xD

Flora Cardamine
about 5 years

Lol are you implying he needs help with his midlife crisis? Can't spare a dime, sry, my own is costly enough ;-P

about 5 years

That's a sexy car