Simon playing the piano on a Sunday morning. pure bliss. Thank you Si! My son and I loved it. He said it was beautiful and that he'd never met Simon before. Some day kiddo.... some day.

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almost 5 years

Lol. it's funny how we freak out when we meet people. I feel like we have gotten to know Si a bit more because of the app and he's more of a person just like you or me. That being said my heart would probably skip a few beats if/when we meet. I'd actually rather jam with him than talk because I feel like we all get that through here. That and hug him... Everyone could use a hug. I hope my kiddo meets him someday.

Corderosa Amada
almost 5 years

That's a goal! NGL. Meeting Simon was an interesting experience. I wasn't expecting it so when it happened I was like 😳😳😳.

I managed NOT to say "My name is Janet and I saw you at Wakarusa and it changed my life" but just barely.