Nice app but was hoping for more unreleased stuff! Shouldn't it be called the Simon, Raja and Benji app though!

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over 5 years

I like that all the content isn't being released at once! Could possibly have a psychedelic brain aneurism if all the tracks were released at the same time & it wouldn't give us something to look forward to every week! Are Raja, Benji, or Ott touring? I thought Simon was the only one stuck on a bus, but I'd buy tickets to all their shows (& apps) if they toured too! \uE057

Benji Vaughan
over 5 years

Unreleased tracks will be coming all the time, at least 1-2 tracks a week plus live mixes

Peter Laponder
over 5 years

Well ott Should have is OWN app tbh.
Cant wait for Some of The unreleased content coming to this app.

over 5 years

And Ott.