Simon was nice enough to answer my question on the live stream but my phone buffered and I missed the answer :(
Anybody hear his answer to my question about Electric Forest?

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Christopher Marrocco
almost 5 years

Thanks Simon!!
Trust me just yourself and a lap top is plenty!
But I feel the EF production staff will have some visuals or performers or something cool to complement your set!

Simon Posford
almost 5 years

Since I'm flying in from England with just myself, there will be no crew to do visuals or anything. They booked me to DJ with CDs, but I'm thinking of working on something laptop based, so I can have a bit more control akin to what I do with the Shpongletron... But obviously I won't have the mixing desk or SH101 etc. as they live in Boston and there's no budget to bring a crew.