That moment when Shpongle gets you free weed. Walked into a dispensary in Berkeley and the guy sees my new Shpongle shirt and says ""You like Shpongle?!?! I never meet Shpongle fans." I look at him and I bust out laughing. I know his boss and his boss is the person that paid for my Shpongle live ticket when they came to Oakland. He tosses in a few edibles and I tell him to check out the app.

Simon...I love you for this moment right now. I might love you enough to bust out my kinky boots. JAJAJAJA

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Simon Posford
over 5 years

Ooooo kinky boots? How exciting!

over 5 years


Jim Morrison
over 5 years

I saw a guy at Target the other day with a nice size Shpongle tattoo on his calf. I wanted go up to him, but my 14yr old daughter wouldn't let me. "Dad! That's embarrassing! To bad. I too never meet Shpongle fans.