So this came today. These guys were mentioned a few times on the live stream last night. The Hallucinogen track "Pternadon's Den" is a collaboration between them and Simon. Excellent band and highly recommended!

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Shawn Ortez
almost 5 years

Infra was insane and yes erp all day

Lizzard Griffin
almost 5 years

just saw them at infrasound festival.....amazing

Jonathan Benson
almost 5 years

I love Erpland! "Gift of Wings" is easily my favorite song Ed has ever done. I am actually about to order the Anniversary Edition CD set in the next few days.

Simon Posford
almost 5 years

The most influential albums for me were 'Pungent Effulgent' & 'Erpland'... I heard them in every possible state of mind I think!

Staler Verweij
almost 5 years

Ozric is awesome! the best in the time with eat static still with them.
I seen them live few years back when they played in Holland and I loved it! with a small audience think max 150 man it was a great experience.