Simon, please come to symbiosis gathering!!! Pretty please with a cherry on top! I'm excited to see a shpongle set by Raj (never seen him do a shpongle set). But it just doesn't feel right for you to not be at the festival in some capacity. What do I have to do??? :) peace and love.

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Ben Cohen
almost 5 years

Lauren B is God, please go

Simon Posford
almost 5 years

I know... I'm bummed not to be there! Raj didn't tell me he was booked, and by then it was too late.
Please make sure you all go up to him and ask "How's Simon?" / "Where's Simon?" / "When is the next live band show?" And "Red Rocks DVD?".... As I get asked those questions about Raj probably at least 5 times a night....

Corderosa Amada
almost 5 years

RIGHT?!?!?! I mean I know you might have something in Belgium but COME ON!!! You AND Raj (who gives no fucks...none) on the same stage?!?!

That's not even fair if you don't. That's like killing a unicorn, that's like giving Raj a fuck so that he may have one. It's just cruel.