I've come to the conclusion that falling asleep to the music on this app leads to near hallucinatory dreams.

I had a dream where Simon and Raj bought a house and turned it into a mini-ShpongleLand bed and breakfast.

Ugh dreams like that make it hard to wake up.

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Flora Cardamine
about 5 years

Haha nice! Once dreamt Simon was in a Mariachi band at a Mexican diner and interrupted my dinner date.....I was quite cross with him in my dream. But he nevertheless looked quite dashing even in that peculiar get up lol. And I had a good laugh after waking up :-)

Corderosa Amada
about 5 years

Almost too perfect. I feel like I'm drowning in inspiration

Staler Verweij
about 5 years

Simon's music is excellent for your inner journey :)