What's going on everyone? Where are my "OG's ? Welcome new and old. One love to all of you. What's up what's up what's up !! Replica Shpongle tron to make an appearance at camp bisco !

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Jim Morrison
about 5 years

Hey everyone. Just enjoying the thunderstorms down here in Dallas.

about 5 years

Hi Sean! Looking forward to the long weekend. It's been busy for me and I need a minute to breathe!

Staler Verweij
about 5 years

hi buddy, lots of work these days here, many hours but great projects :) very curious at the results from your shpongletron project :)

Katie Mongan
about 5 years

evening sean! hope you are doing wonderful! things are swell round here!

Corderosa Amada
about 5 years

Not much, just spending my next few days off painting to get ready for my live paint next week with Euphonic Conceptions (I'm so excited!!!!) and I'm meeting up with my art collective to start planning our festival appearances (I'm hoping for Symbiosis Gathering)

Hope the mini-tron project is going well.