Any chance you can do a stream at Sonic Bloom, Simon? I'm guessing it may be tough based on where it is but I have to ask. I saw you're giving away a ticket on facebook. wish all of us "OGs" could all meet up there. I still think we should find a way to all go and do some promo stuff to get more people to join this amazing app! oh and if you need a better Webcam still let us know. we talked before about setting up a gofundme to raise some funds.

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about 5 years

Staler it sure seems like you really are past due for all of thee above :::)

Staler Verweij
about 5 years

I think it's time for me to win a lottery, so I can finally travel to see an hopefully meet/greet Simon, and to meet you guys :::)

Sean Wilson
about 5 years

I think we should all go as well. The Shpongle tron will be at camp bisco though. More pictures to come.

about 5 years

A stream would be great for us geographically challenged types!