Been missing you all (& the live streams) on our cross-country venture & looking forward to our week stay indoors in Colorado (been tent camping everywhere)! Only a week away =D ! Just wanted to share some of the beautiful sights with the fam, much love guys :::*

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Kristin Spradling
about 5 years

Beautiful photos. Hope you are having a blast!

about 5 years

Just gorgeous mz. Rach ♡ God I miss CO!!! Enjoy buddy

Staler Verweij
about 5 years

wow that are some amazing pictures, looks really beautiful. enjoy your trip to the fullest!

about 5 years

Bjutifl landscapes \uE41D enjoy the forest... The real life

about 5 years

Looks like you are on quite the adventure!!! if you are anywhere near Denver and want suggestions of places to go or good food let me know :)

about 5 years

Wow, some beautiful shots there! Enjoy the rest of the journey!