hey everyone! so recently I became an ordained minister... just because how awesome is it to marry people?! I got my first wedding coming up and I just met with the bride groom today for the first time and I feel like it was meant to be! my second wedding will be my best friends wedding! who wants to be a brides maid when you can marry them instead?! haha I'm just super excited and wanted to share my excitement with you all!

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Flora Cardamine
about 5 years

Haha congrats! As for me I'm still undecided if getting married was the most idiotic or the only sane decision I ever made lol.....

about 5 years

Gratz Katie (:::

about 5 years

Njoy the moment Kattie

Staler Verweij
about 5 years

hi Katie, that sounds really fantastic :) congratulations!