Ello it's me, James mason yaaas ! Wide awake at 3:32 am watching Shpongle live at Troxy. Good morning everyone. Happy Saturday. What's going on ?

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Jonathan Benson
almost 5 years

Working on music again today. A little Psytrance tune I'm quite proud of now. I've spent close to 5-6 hours a day this week mixing. Fixed the synth and now it works better than ever before! Having a blast! :D

Corderosa Amada
almost 5 years

Not much here. Entrepreneur Mentoring Program in a little bit then nothing for the rest of the day. I just got a bomb 8th from the cannabis club down the street from my job, so the vape will be on tonight. Maybe some drawing if I have time

Staler Verweij
almost 5 years

hi Sean and Urchid, sounds like you both are going to have an excellent Saturday. I'm searching for good stock foto's for my next Shpongle Photoshop project :) happy Saturday and stay Shpongled friends

Sean Wilson
almost 5 years

Urchid what's going on and good morning. I'm ip early myself. Going to do a little paint balling today. Sounds like it will be a great show.

almost 5 years

Happy Saturday! Up late here in CO partying with friends. Psyched for tonight. Tipper is going to be amazing. The combo of musicians and artists is killer.