is anyone in possession of the following Posford track: Baba G - Dig a Jig (Da Shannon Mix), duration = 7:24, released in 1995 on Butterfly Records.

the track appears to be on youtube, this is however the 2009 celtic cross remix afaik, uploaded under the wrong name.

according to discogs, and a picture of a 12" single from 1995, there should also be a version thats 7;24 long, released in 1995. its not the celtic cross - dig a jig (babba g mix) and also not the dragonfly kundalini trance mix!

dying to hear this version!

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over 5 years

nice one Tyler! :::)

Bryan Reed
over 5 years

really? its

cant wait. thanks a lot!

Tyler Hovestadt
over 5 years

I have it, what is your email address?