Ello , it's me ! What's going on in Shpongle land folks. Couldn't ask for better weather. How is everyone doing how is everyone's week?

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over 5 years

Hi Sean, Staler, Janet and WillShred! Hope you're having a great day! Congratulations Janet, and indeed congrats WillShred....
Just recovering from the awesomeness of Sam's quiz, so fiercely contested!

Staler Verweij
over 5 years

waiting for the trivia final :::) and doing some debugging on a website

Corderosa Amada
over 5 years

Great!!! I just got a promotion at work (YAY!!!) and finals are over as of Saturday so I'll have somewhat of a life until June 15.

Hope you're doing lovely. My mom says my package arrived yesterday but I was too tired to open it. She opened it and took the autograph to get framed

WillShred GoHuge
over 5 years

What's up bro!? I got a room on the east side with the lady tonight's gonna get steamy