Here's a dashiki I made for Raj in my sewing techniques class for my final. It took me forever to figure out the pattern and everything but I'm so glad it's done. I broke my sewing machine twice and the fabric got stuck in customs coming from Africa but it's done!!!

The fabric and colours each mean something from my culture:

The gold is to wish someone wealth, the rope pattern symbolises an elder/guru in the community. The brown is a prayer for good health.

The animal pattern is more because it was the only pattern in that fabric I could afford at the price with having to have it shipped here under my budget (the fabric was kinda pricey since the gold is hand embroidered). Simon is getting something eventually (as soon as I figure out what that something is and I get to that class)

OMG, my brain hurts from all that sewing.

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Corderosa Amada
about 5 years

Thanks guys! It was my final so I'm glad it turned out kinda how I wanted it. I forgot pockets so I hope the teacher doesn't grade me too hard

WillShred GoHuge
about 5 years

Talented lady!

about 5 years

It's perfect Janet, I can totally see Raja in that... knowing the significance of the patterns makes it all the better!