Oh yea!!!! I am gettin after it tonight friends! I know there was a post about a music visualizer, and who uses what? What should I plug into tonight?!?! Happy SAt to all you Shpongloid freaks!!! The world is better with you sparkling in it!

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Tanner Smith
almost 5 years

I need to check those out, I've been using g-force platinum for the past couple of years, it gets along really well with Shpongle and Ott :::)

almost 5 years

Milkdrop and occulus rift is hard to beat. :)

WillShred GoHuge
almost 5 years

I got looooooose to a bunch of Ott and that ridic flow art app! Creative explosion!!!!

almost 5 years

Milkdrop bud, it's a part of Winamp (free download). 15 years old and still nothing beats it!