The posford trivia contest will begin today, and will continue for 5 days! Please see details below. The prize for each contest will be a one of my custom Shpongle/posford/hallucinogen tshirts! The tshirts are one offs so the winner will be the only person on our planet to have the shirt, well except maybe simon or raja themselves! The prize shirt will be shown in the details of each contest.
1. The contest will start today and continue for t...he next 5 days.
2. Each day I will post the trivia question here on this page at exactly 5:30 pacific standard time.
3. The rules are simple, the fist person to answer my posford trivia question correctly is the winner.
4. No one will know the questions I will ask previous to 5:30 not even simon or benji.
5. If no one is able to answer the question correctly, there will be an additional day of trivia so there WILL BE 5 SHIRTS WON PERIOD!
6. At the end of the contest each day the winner will be asked for their size and I will do this each day until all 5 shirts are won, then have them printed and shipped.

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Bryan Reed
about 5 years

cool initiative. how do i get on the fb page?

about 5 years

Thanks for this Sam,.... Oh goody I love quizzes.... All those years of Bridget Jones made me laugh so long Li almost cried l

Staler Verweij
about 5 years

it was so much fun, thank you Sam. the fb group is a great extension of the app!

Sam Beppu
about 5 years

This contest is taking place on the simon posford app page on Facebook!