Happy Friday Shpongleoids! Just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for things like this app, and all you beautiful people. This app is incredible, and regularly blows my mind. How freaking crazy is it that we all get to have a connection like this with an artist like Simon? It's just awesome. Thank you all for the contributions (I love all the art and the posts), and thank you Simon for coming up with such a great app idea. As a fan it's incredible that I can post stuff here and you not only see it, but respond to us. You're a stand up guy, sir, and I appreciate you and all your efforts. Love you all, and stay Shpongled :::D

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Kristin Spradling
about 5 years

I agree. I am so grateful for the experience that has been created here.

about 5 years

Well said Tyler! Pretty much summed up my feelings for this app, the amazing sense of community and the connections both with Simon and fellow Shpongolians has been wonderful. Can't say thanks too many times to Simon for opening himself to us in this way, and of course Benji and his team for giving us the framework to form this community in! So much love for everyone involved in this...