Good evening everyone !!! I hope your Monday was spectacular and shpongley. If love to know what you guys all think of the new Amy Schumer video, "Milk, milk, lemonade"? I personally think it's hilarious.... I nearly cry each time I see it but I'm seeing a lot of women and men who think it's disgusting. (Obvi not the music itself but the idea and lyrics....I know we all have better taste in music here haha) Your thoughts?

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Kim Arvidsson
almost 5 years

I haven't heard it and I'll be happy about that. Ignorance is bliss.

Katie Mongan
almost 5 years

I think it's hilarious! the girl I work with hates it! but she hated land of the lost wirth will ferrell so that didn't surprise me! lol I think some people need to lighten up!

Christopher Marrocco
almost 5 years


Kristin Spradling
almost 5 years

Lol. I love Amy Schumer! Ready for another season.

Tara Binger
almost 5 years

That's awesome Will!

WillShred GoHuge
almost 5 years

Amy is a genius!!! I got to work with her on Attels Uncensored standup show. Down ass chick!