Unable to play this disc? Why would my new blu ray player not be able to pay live in London? I'm upset about this :(

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over 5 years

haha good luck! *fingers crossed*

over 5 years

Thanks guys! I can check that out now that I'm not drunk and sad haha

Juan Gonzalez
over 5 years

Had same issue. Had to play on old dvd player :(

over 5 years

Hi AcidRain, there's a post by Jim Morrison 5 days back in the feed on this topic, seems like the DVD is region 0 which is tripping players up. If you can't get it to work I stand by my comments there about a program named AnyDvd by Slysoft, it has eliminated region coding here (reg 4) for me for nearly a decade, on multiple machines. Good luck!