Words hurt.. Music doesn't.. Bye

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over 5 years

I agree with what everyone said :::) stay shpongled!!

over 5 years

Hi Caz. I kept my silence until now as I was hoping this could have been resolved amicably. It saddens me it could not, I thought we were all bigger than that. I can see both sides of the coin, I think Staler summed it up. I don't think anyone should be looking back at their actions with pride, everyone can learn something here.

Caz, I am sending love and positive vibes. I hope this is not the end for you here, I think time and apologies (both sides) can overcome...

Staler Verweij
over 5 years

be strong Caz, don't let you get down by words, words can be wrong interpreted, I'm shure nobody wanted you to get hurt. you have to admit your posted a lot off topic, and after the question to post less you reacted a bit aggressive. I like yor work, but to see the same drawing over and over again in different posts is to much. I'm not attacking you, just try to explain, which is very difficult in an other languages. again be strong and be Shpongled

over 5 years

luv you Caz!! you are me and i am
you!! sending g ood vibes!!