hello to all the shpongleloids, and welcome to all the new people. for those who don't know,
There is an great Facebook group for subscribers of this app. here you will find lots off artwork made by Sam Beppu and fans, some exclusive videos and lot's more. not to mention the great stories you will hear from insider's and fans.
to join the group, pleace message an admin with a photo of your proof of app purchase or your name on the app so that they have a way to identify your an active member.
the name of the group: Simon Posford App. see you there and be Shpongled friends!

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about 5 years

Hi to all the new Shpongloids out there! Come join our 'appy' family, you won't regret it!

Staler Verweij
about 5 years

hey Sean, I'm enjoying a beautiful day here in Holland, now making some dinner and I think about to shoot some pool later tonight. enjoy your day mate and stay Shpongled!

Sean Wilson
about 5 years

Staler what's up chap ?