Warning post to L lovers.
@Simon im curious About Your opinion

19/04/2015 (250 mics)

Zymosis - between to points [24 bits]

Zymosis has figured out on how to design music for L. And it feels like he has solved a mathematical problem with it.

Song: forgotten days

This song is so insanely beautifull..... But there is a catch

At The ending of this song zymosis actually flushes Your physe with The final tone on The cd.

This may sounds weird but feels like a reset/ego death on higher doses except for The fact that this actually goed through u fully and feels like flushing u ass a toilet

And after this Your physe refills itself while tripping. After space is gone and you have to focus on positive stuff at this point

I think Simon knows this is possible due to (divine moments of truth)

But in my opinion an artist Cannot make this decision for someone, Cause it affects Your mind.

Offcourse i know L does already but this Forced flush is quite different from taking The risc of using L.

So please be carefull, enjoy The cd.
Really u can but i would definitly skip The final song if:

- u dont Wanne get flushed
- u are not a experienced L user
- any other reasons

@Simon im really really curious About ur opinion and thoughts About this

Ps: im quite experinced on L About 100 trips and this shocked me at my core, and never experienced any negative or bad trip

Or The stuff explained above, wich i would not really call going bad

You dont Wanne run into this at Your second or third trip


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over 5 years

I'm confused

Jesennia King
over 5 years

Next time put it on random play

over 5 years

I honestly believe that sometimes, very rarely, certain individuals, knownst or unbeknownst, are tapped to share the truth of the cosmic divine.

over 5 years

I'm convinced pSi n Ram somehow 'designed' or at least prompted 'them' to create an experience through Kugla with Dmt.

I asked Simon and he said that's just how it turned out.. who knows..

Now I sound loopy LOL :::p

over 5 years

I'm not discrediting your account in any way, my friend. Shared experiences are common, as you well know.

I've shared with a close friend the " pure awareness Observer next-dimensional 'demonstration' ", if you will, and what I believe to be nearly exactly the same experiences on L and D while listening to Kugla.

And hey, it's proven certain frequencies can manipulate brainwaves. I hear ya brother (:::

Peter Laponder
over 5 years

Well wasnt The only Guy tripping and we all experienced it so that made it seem more as designed then coincedance

over 5 years

haha the yeti and mystical experiences Albumns do that to me. sou ds like some good L. lucky you.

Jesennia King
over 5 years

Hehe .. I dunno I just trip .

over 5 years

I find every journey is its own experience. I think you just had a mind fuck of a Trip!! Good on ya (::: See if you can repeat it next time.. you may be onto something, keep exploring.

Peter Laponder
over 5 years

Thats a shame @simon

Well in divine moments i get The feeling of being shifted around from left to right etc.

Basicly this whas The extreme version of that.

And pulling Your entire physic state from ur head downwards feeling as a flush out

Simon Posford
over 5 years

I've no idea what you're talking about mate....

Peter Laponder
over 5 years

Ps2 zymosis whas in The peak experience

Bluetech - elementary particles (cd)
Shpongle - ineffeble mysterys from shpongleland
Zymosis - between two points

After this we switched to Beethoven and pink Floyd due to The psyche filling itself again and felt like The best choice to keep us sane