Question for Simon or anyone else who knows! I watched some of Raja Ram's interviews, he said The God Particle was a 'concept' piece and him/Si/Benji were using new techniques while working on it. He also said to use very good head phones when listening to it. Did you use 3D sound (lack of a better term)? I listend to it with my eyes closed and felt like I had helmet of sound on... I also felt like I was shurnk down to the size of a proton, propelled around the LHC at nearly the speed of light, smashed into another proton, destroying use both on impact, wasn't existing for a split second, and finally created again....
Ok, I know that sounds completely insane but isn't that was the LHC does?

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WillShred GoHuge
over 5 years

That is cool as fuck! I had my uncles stereo phonic amp as a kid it splits the stereo signal into 4 pieces, there were a few Shponglized nights of creating wired shit wit it. That sounds even cooler

over 5 years

Indeed! I think it's just 3 genius minds showing the world how to apply stereo panning, don't know if there's any other effects going on!

I'll try to dig up one of my fave old cd's from an Aussie group called Vision 4/5, it's a trance album and at the end there's a 15-20 min selection of tracks designed to give you weird effects when listened to with a third speaker wired up out of phase behind the listener! Trippy...