Just would like to say I had never explored any Younger Brother before this app and having read fan reactions to Vaccine Electronic, I gave it a whirl. My thoughts are crude, yet I believe they are telling:
2-I fucking love this
3-Between Shpongle, Ott, The Orb, FSOL and this, my sonic palette is overflowing with love and eargasmic joy as well as somnambolistic psychedelic synesthetiac beauty
4-my brain hurts in the most pleasurable way
5-thank you
:::) ♡♡♡♡

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WillShred GoHuge
over 5 years

Rich u just might get mvp around here brah! I am about to go there, thanks!

over 5 years

This may be considered sacrilege around here, but I think I love YB as much or even a little more than Shpongle! Check Psychic Gibbon, Ribbon on a Branch, just such beautiful songs! Also check Benji's solo work out, Even Tundra is one of my favourite things ever!