So the other day I took L for the first time in over ten years . I was outside with the rain Gods starting to peak .. Our geckos here change colors . One was poised above the silk I was dyeing .. Perched on the bin . The silk was half green half blue . As he crossed over above the silk his body changed and the front half was green the back half was blue . All I could think was Damn I want to drive that little machine for a day and change colors . Molecular Superstructure was playing . Nature is perfect

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WillShred GoHuge
almost 5 years

Yes!!!! I am so happy u had a good time! Taking it as an adult is way better then when we were kids, in my opinion. And to have that happen on top of it is even cooler! Welcome back! Love and light!!

almost 5 years

We need more magicians YAY

Staler Verweij
almost 5 years

amazing colorful universe

Jesennia King
almost 5 years

Richario it's different :) instead of being a wild eyed kid I was a magician

almost 5 years

Your Universe sounds amazing.

almost 5 years

Sounds amazing, it would be a similar length of time for me and now you've got me thinking it might be time to start planning...

almost 5 years

ah Jes ♡♡♡ so happy

almost 5 years


I wanna hang out with geckos! After we move to Colorado we're going to have to plan a Trip to Hawaii :D