It's hard to believe that it was five years ago today ~ Cosmic Clearance II took place in Nashville, TN featuring a Prometheus set ~ a Hallucinogen In Dub set (Simon & Ott) ~ an Ott set ~ then of course a Shpongle set ! A few friends and I were living in south Florida at the time and when we found out this event was happening in the US, we drove 17 hours to get Shpongled, starting with the night before in Knoxville, TN! SIMON, do you have any plans to release any live sets from the 2008~2011 period??? I've heard you mix some crazy sets where songs were being completely manipulated with seemingly infinite possibilities and handfuls of songs being blended into one... the stuff dreams are made of... my favorite sets would have to be Athens, GA 5.8.2009 ~ Knoxville, TN 4.15.2010 ~ Ft. Lauderdale, FL 10.23.2012 & I really enjoyed the Camp Bisco set in 2009 with Raja under the tent, although the mud up to my ankles made it difficult to dance the way the Shpongular rhythms move me. Thank you for the memories!!!

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about 5 years

Hahaa 'Shpongular' xD haven't heard that one

about 5 years

Great idea! I was listening to YB Camp Bisco 08 last night, fantastic set!