Missing persons list.

Where are the following on this app?
- Raja Ram
- Michele Adamson
- Abigail Gorton (aka Hari-Om)
- Dick Trevor
- et al.

I know they're here, but what devious names are they using?

If they're reading this, add me as a friend and I won't tell anybody ;) *

* Except for my mum, so she knows how cool I am.

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about 5 years

Yeah... Where is Ron!!!!

Mushy Mushy
about 5 years

Hi Shawn,

No I definitely hadn't forgotten that, and I certainly don't expect them to post any music here or have Q&A sessions etc.

However, if my friends had an app I'd be a member ;)

Shawn Ortez
about 5 years

I think everyone forgets that this is the Simon posford app not the shpongle or hallucinogen :::)

jeffrey reynoldz
about 5 years


about 5 years


Staler Verweij
about 5 years

lol Shpongle madness! hahaha love it

about 5 years

Wait... you're NOT Michele?!?!

Jesennia King
about 5 years

You crack me up !!!!