That moment when you pull into Taco Bell...

And then a huge black and white "County Sherriff" SUV pulls up behind you.

I don't even want my food anymore!!! Just let me go!!! HELP!!! The fact that Simon disappeared into the rapement for his super secret project has nothing to do with me!!! The last anyone's seen of him, he was with Joe Russo.

It's a fan fiction in the making. And for a good 3 minutes while I was waiting for my food...I really didn't want my food, I was Shpongled behind the wheel.

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Shawn Ortez
about 5 years

^ through our phone cameras I knew it

Simon Posford
about 5 years

We're watching you

Mike Baum
about 5 years

I am always getting Shpongled behind the wheel lol 8)

about 5 years


Staler Verweij
about 5 years

hahaha I thought something similar yesterday, it's so silent after si posted the images of the rapement gallery. we need some sign of life ! haha