A week late but better late than never! Thank you Simon for that amazing performance at the Electric Factory! Before that night I was in a rut with life, not wanting to do anything at all/talk to anyone. I had such an incredible night and the positive energy I received snowballed into complete happiness and contentment with how my life is going!
Also thanks everyone for using this app it's just awesome to have a place to talk about all things Shpongle :::)

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Simon Posford
over 5 years

Yay! Thanks Forest :::)

over 5 years

Yea Brother. This winter on the north east coast of the states put a lot of people into that funk. Happy to see you made it out !
Spring is here, roll down the windows and play shpongle loud !

over 5 years

I'm so happy you are all here.. A smile is brought this Shpongled face every time I visit my friendoz here (:::

Staler Verweij
over 5 years

don't underestimate the power of Shpongle :) good to have you here forest. one love!

over 5 years

over 5 years

Thank you for being a part of it with us Forest! Glad to hear music helped you through the rough patch, sometimes all you need is something to nudge you in a new direction and it can change your perspective entirely! Stay Shpongled buddy! :::)

Jesennia King
over 5 years

Aloha Forest :) there seems to be quite a few of us in a rut lately and the tour helped a Lot :::)