...spent the day being lazy, reading, lounging, dabbing, jamming out and rekindling my love of being upside down (practicing handstands and other fun inversions) and just generally being weird. how was your Sunday Funday, dear Shpongloids? :::o

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over 5 years

lol cazam! love the sign. well godspeed to the rest of everyone dealing with the Mondays! xoxo

over 5 years

Love that cacti Caz ♡♡♡ A powerful teacher Grandfather is... do you have any yotes?

Staler Verweij
over 5 years

struggling with Monday right now hahaha, yesterday was rainy and I did rest mostly with some yb on . today is like many Mondays but need to do lots of work, some designing and programming work

Jesennia King
over 5 years

I love the photo on FB you posted :)

I slept nine hours and wanted to go sailing but my body said rest . Did the mommy thing with the man cub

over 5 years

Getting up after 11 (slack start to the day I know) got myself a coffee and then the day didn't turn to night I started out drilling a hole, not to be confused with dad I dug a hole. This was drilled to fit a hook to hang a stag fern. Turned into a reorganisation of my outdoor entertaining and ended running the clock down and ran out of time so back into it again this arvo, suckered punched myself out of 2 days of kicking back due to a 5 mm pilot hole :::)

Tara Binger
over 5 years

Sounds like fun! I cleaned and did my winter summer clothes transition, wahoo!

over 5 years

Sounds nice, it's Monday Funday here, just finished a 52km bike ride along the beachfront listening to the Seattle show! Think I might go be floppy now...

Kristin Spradling
over 5 years

That sounds like an awesome day :-D