Good morning all my Shpongle friends! It's a beautiful Spring day here in Maryland! The way Spring is supposed to be! I hope everyone has a fantastic day!

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almost 5 years

Tis a beauty one today (: .. In Shpongleland

almost 5 years

yay for spring in MD! I'm doing lots of planting today :)

almost 5 years

afternoon Katie! yes we finally got spring in Chicago today too! .... loving all the birds singing! a cardinal perched on one of our biggest trees and announced spring to the neighborhood. :::)

Sean Wilson
almost 5 years

Hey good morning all. It's nice here in Connecticut. What's happening ?

Staler Verweij
almost 5 years

good afternoon Katie, it's raining here, but we had a really beautiful day yesterday, and we must share the sun :)

almost 5 years

Hi Katie, 10 minutes away from Sunday morning here! Have a great day and stay Shpongled! 888D