Evening friends! Anybody doing anything fun today?! I planted a garden :) I consider that to be fun, don't you?!

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about 5 years

Nothing too fun today, but I did plant a garden last weekend! So wonderful, we have some of the finest soil in the continent here, a gift and a pleasure to work with!

about 5 years

Just chillin vaping some herb waiting for my friend to be off work so we can go see Infected Mushroom. Pretty excited.

Katie Mongan
about 5 years

lilies! they are my favorite

WillShred GoHuge
about 5 years


about 5 years

Just hanging out after work. What kind of stuff are you planting? :::)

about 5 years

Just kicking it after work, while I wait for it to be time to go to Infected Mushroom.

What did you plant?

Staler Verweij
about 5 years

good evening Katie, on chilling mode today here , enjoying some great music!

about 5 years

Hiya Katie (: I can't wait to get the veggie garden goin 8-D Home from work n Shponglin' out to LiL (::: *nodding, with a mischievous smile*... Havin FUN

Sean Wilson
about 5 years

Katie what's going on ? I had a great day About to go out for dinner then puff some of the relaxing herb.