Simon have you seen the Electric Forest Line Up Announcement Video?
How fitting!!
Simon Posford, Joe Russo, Tommy Hamilton and Marc Brownstein will all be there!!
You guys should from a Thin Lizzy Cover Band Super Group and play "The Boys are Back in Town"
But I'll take some Younger Brother!!

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Shawn Ortez
about 5 years

yes something crazy is gonna happen in that forest anyone driving there passing through il?

Kristin Spradling
about 5 years

So wish I was going...

Medium Mike
about 5 years

I was thinking about this earlier today!!! now that video is just even more evidence!! I'd love to see Simon up there with joe! I'd loose it if Simon helps out on a couple dead tunes

WillShred GoHuge
about 5 years

Nice line up, I would make that.