Good afternoon!!!

I'm getting ready for an art show later on this year and I picked the venue because...well see for yourself.

I introduced Dennis to Shpongle a few years ago when we met backstage during a festival. He rolled me a joint, gave me his phone number and insisted I come to "the Castle." When I showed up there was an old hippie at the kitchen table who said "Don't sit down unless you're ready to have trouble getting up."

It's been my favourite place to get Shpongled ever since.

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about 5 years

So coooool. Gorgeous

Justine Marie
about 5 years


about 5 years

omg this is the most magical place!

about 5 years


about 5 years

Morning! That is one sweet looking venue, looks like a great spot to spend time!

about 5 years

Where is "the castle"?

WillShred GoHuge
about 5 years

That is dope lady!!! I could see art there!