Hello Simon.
I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is
Russell Matthews ,I live 25 miles west of Philadelphia Pennsylvania. I was one of those smiling faces in the crowd last Saturday night at the Electric Factory. I must say, you electrified and lit that place up. I'm 47 years young and rather new to your music. I have all of the shpongle albums on my phone , planning to buy the Cd's soon. Only came to know of your music in 2012. Better late then never I guess. I'm a big fan of psychedelic music, music for the mind. Never really was into electronica music until you opened a whole new world to me. Being a long time grateful dead fan, the band would allow fans attending shows to tape the concerts and trading these shows was a big part of the fan base and attracting new fans. Taper tickets were limited and the fans that wanted to tape the live concerts had a section behind the sound board at most concert venues. I'm also a Phish Phan. I'm sure you have herd of the dead, possibly phish. Phis are very well known and have a huge fan base. Now to get to the point. Phish started recording there live shows and giving back to the ticket buying fan. On a concert ticket was a code for a free download for the show the fan had just
Attended. Yea, like saying thank you for your support, you bought a ticket to our show .now instead of trying to remember how special the show was and how good the songs sounded and the set list. Phish the members are very fan friendly just as you are. They feel close to their fans as you do and you are. I just wanted to throw this notion at us. I know you stream shows now, I have to say thank you sooooo much for this. I really wish I could listen to that show at the electric factory again and again. I have been telling friends and others how awesome your live shows are.
I only wish I could play it for them to listen.
To show them what they missed. How that live mix takes you to other dementions.
Pop on some head phones and visit another world . SHPONGLE LAND !
No need for chemical mind altering substances. Your music is all ya need.

Ok to the point. Please take a little time from your very very busy scedual and throw this question around your head and and the crew. How about if you were to give the fife of your shows to your fans. Set up a program where your fans could get a free copy of the show they just attended. How awesome would that be. I know I would love it. I can never remember every note and how every song sounded and touched my soul that night. But if I could download a copy of that show right after. I could relive it all over again.

Just ponder my question just a minute.
I have no problem buying your music and have. I enjoy the fact I'm helping you produce more awesome stuff. You give so much to us your fans already, I was wondering if I should even throw this idea at you. Hope you like this idea, I'm sure the rest of the fans on this app would love to have a recording of all the shows they attend. The mixes and if you guys decide to do more live performances.well, I know I rambled, my bad ! I hope you Simon were able to stand this post till the end.
I want to say thank you for everything you do, you have opened up a whole new world of music to me !
Thank you !
Peace , love & happiness !
Long live shpongle ;~ } >

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Shawn Ortez
over 5 years

that was a solid production the Yahoo stream that is but I wouldn't say too dollar lol no offense but there way more time spent panning camera to unfocused shots then actually a stable view

over 5 years

I have no problem Simon makings living. I support him also. Albums,merchandise,oh and I got the resent London DVD and download, both. Just saying how about making each live show available for ticket buyers that have attended a show, be able to have that show to listen to forever......
Peace !

Paul Antonissen
over 5 years

No reason Simon shouldn't make a bit of money off of this.

I know I'm willing to pay top dollar for the Yahoo stream.

over 5 years

I would have it more like the Pearl Jam model, shows available to buy for everyone. A bit better for those of us who only get to worship from afar!

WillShred GoHuge
over 5 years

That is my fave part of the Live Phish App.