Last night I went to see the Vau de Vire Society (they're a dinner theatre circus group) and the couple at the table, my little sister and I start talking. Somehow (as things usually do) the conversation gets to Shpongle and Simon and I convince the guy to download Simon's app. We keep talking and the woman says "I love Quixotic Fusion, that's why I wanted to check these guys out." I say "No way!!! Did you know that Simon performed with Quixotic Fusion here in San Francisco? It's the only performance Quixotic has done in San Francisco. New Years Eve 2012. I remember that night because I ate a whole jar of Funny Honey and ran into Simon backstage."

Needless to say I have 2 new friends, my sister and I had a great time and thanks to Sean I got to say hi to Simon yesterday.

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over 5 years

Six degrees of Shponglation?! It's a small world sometimes...